Download and Install Momix apk for Android TV(smart)

Download and install Momix apk for android TV. We already know that momix is entertainment app to watch movies online. This Guide will help you to Download and install apk in your smart tv. Every one is enjoying the watch movies big screen. This is the guide for only Android TV. Android TVs are widely available in world.

Momix app is a free movie streaming app which is freely accessible to everyone. In this app you can find different varies streaming service like Hulu, Prime, ULLu, Netflix, AltBalaji, HBO, Hotstar etc. You can find every genre of movie.

Momix app Features:

  1. Huge Collections of web series and movies.
  2. Simple and clear Graphical User interface to every smart TV.
  3. Its Free of Cost, You cant pay any penny of rupee.
  4. HD quality movies are available.
  5. Latest Movies are available with free of cost.
  6. No need to register watch movies.

Android TV Requirements:

  • A Good high speed internet connection.
  • Minimum 2GB Ram if more available its best for TV.
  • 2 USB ports
  • Minimum 2 GB internal storage for better experience.

Is it safe to install Momix apk in android TV

Yes, Its safe to Download and install momix apk in Android TV. No need to worry about it. There is no extra permission are not asking.

How to Download Momix apk in Android TV

This simple guide will help you to download momix apk in any smart TV which Android OS.

  1. First you need to switch on your Android TV.
  2. Then connect with any wifi connection with high speed of internet.
  3. After boot Up, Open your playstore app and install any Android Tv browser like puffin.
  4. After installation of puffin browser open it.
  5. Type and enter in the website, You can find there download Button.
  6. Just click on it download Momix.apk File in your Android TV
  7. Thats it you can download Momix app in android this way.

How to install Momix apk in Android TV.

You can install any apk file in two ways in any Smart TV. First one is smart tv is file manager and second one is USB device. I will show you how to installation apk in smart tv. This guide will help you go and read it without time waste.

Method 1: File Manager

  1. Switch on your Smart TV and open play store.
  2. you can find any file manager and install it.
  3. Open your file manager after installing it.
  4. In the above we showed how to download momix.apk file in android TV.
  5. Locate your downloaded location of apk file and click on it.
  6. Its shows popup window to Install, Then click on it.
  7. Thats it this the way you can install momix apk in android TV. Enjoy the latest movies in Smart TV.

Method 2: USB

  1. First you need to download apk file in PC or Mobile and move it you USB Stick.
  2. Plug-in your USB stick to smart TV.
  3. Now turn on your smart TV
  4. Find out where is apk file is moved.
  5. Then click one Momix.apk file and it will show the popup window to install.
  6. Click on install Button. Thats it you can watch movies online with free of cost.

Why momix app is not working on Android TV.

We tell you the some reason why movie app is not working your smart TV.

  1. Update momix app with latest version.
  2. If video is buffering, Please check your wifi connection.If connection is ok then you need to switch speed internet plan.
  3. Clear all cache in smart TV.
  4. You need to Match the requirements of Momix movie app. We showed the requirements of above.


We showed everything how download and install momix apk in android TV. We hope you showed everything in this article. If any one face anything wrong or getting error please comment down. We will assist you everyone. Momix is now under construction for android TV. Its only available for android mobiles. Developer Constantly working on this project to do it. If you getting any trouble while using or installing please comment down or Contact Us. We will always anyway to help your queries.

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